[BioC] Is there an NCBI GEO GPL platform to bioclite package equivalence table available?

Lynn Miller miller at accelrys.com
Sun Mar 2 17:12:02 CET 2008


I know NCBI provides annotation for the GEO platforms associated with the 
sets they host, but for platforms where bioconductor packages are 
available, I would prefer to use those.  I am looking for a table like:

GPL96   hgu133a
GPL97   hgu133b

Where one column is the NCBI GEO platform identifier and another column is 
the package name (where available)  you would use with bioclite to 
retrieve annotation information.

Before I set out to create such a table of equivalences for my project, I 
thought I'd ask if anyone else had ever bothered to do so and might be 
willing to share.

Lynn Miller 
miller at accelrys.com

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