[BioC] MAANOVA comparison matrix question

Cecilia McGregor cmcgre1 at lsu.edu
Tue May 6 16:49:04 CEST 2008

Hi All

I have 2 cultivars (bx and nas), 2 treatments (s and h), 4 timepoints (T1 to T4), and 4 biological reps for each cultivarxteatment. My experiment consists of 32 two-color arrays hybridized in 8 loops. Every EST is spotted in duplicate.

For starters I want to compare just within one treatment, so just for bx - I want to compare treatments over time. Then I want to do the same for the other treatment (nas). Once I have this I want to compare within treatments. So first just for treatment s, between nas and bx. 

So far I've done the following: *don't worry about the low n.perm. I'm just testing things at this stage and will use more permutations once I think I know exactly what I need to do).

#Load data
#transform using rlowess normilization

#close graphics

# Fit Full ANOVA mixed model
>From what I saw on p.21 of the April 25 2007 manual I think I should now do the following

#Test Statistic (F and Fs by default)

and then make a comparison matrix. Is the treatment:time interaction the correct one to test differences between treatments for bx over time?

Any tips about making a comparison matrix?

Then after the comparison matrix  I do a ttest (p.22 of manual) on this term? And then I can change the comparison matrix to test the same for nas?

Is this correct? I guess the first question is: is Treatment:Time the correct interaction to test for what I want? 
And where can I find more help/info about making the comparison matrix?



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