[BioC] Network install of packages

Anthony Mullen mullen1 at uiuc.edu
Thu Nov 6 21:22:47 CET 2008

Sean -

> Hi, Tony.  This is not a bioconductor issue, directly, since R deals 
> with this issue out-of-the-box.  If you install as root, then the users 
> will have access to those packages. 

Excellent.  That's what I needed to know.  We have a large network 
share.  And use NFS to export home directories as a user logs in to a 
computer.  So basically all of our Linux computers have a lot of space 
on their disks for additional packages.  And I would much rather install 
to a local computer, and use it's under-utilized disk space.  Rather 
than a couple people grab their own copies of software. ;-)

> If they need other packages, 
> use biocLite() (and I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND using biocLite() for all R 
> package installation, if possible)  [...]

I'll just install everything I can.  And then the researchers can sort 
things out. ;-)

[... time goes by ...]

And after running the aforementioned commands to install all the 
Bioconductor packages I have a lot of gziped tar-files in a temporary 
directory (/tmp/RtmpJAenmw/downloaded_packages).  And a lot of 
similarly-named files in /usr/lib/R/library.

So the installation of Bioconductor was completely painless.

Thank you for your time.  And the little bit of hand-holding that I 
needed. ;-)

Tony -

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