[BioC] Custom CDF files

Edward Oakeley edward.oakeley at fmi.ch
Sun Nov 30 22:07:00 CET 2008

Hi there,

I make custom CDF files for use with our Affy tiling arrays. Each one I
make by aligning the oligos to the latest genome build and then
intersecting the coordinates with the latest GFF annotation files. This
works fine with applications that can accept CDF files but I would like
to use Bioconductor to condense expression values. It would also be nice
if there was an easy way to link in things like GO terms etc that are
usually available from the genome repositories. 

Could you tell me how the CDF repositories are made for Bioconductor and
if some scripts exist for automating this process.

Any ideas?


Edward Oakeley
FMI, Basel

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