[BioC] How to get a development version of a package?

Daniel Brewer daniel.brewer at icr.ac.uk
Tue Apr 21 10:15:49 CEST 2009


No I wasn't seeing anything different.  What I was after was the new
KEGG.db/org.Hs.eg.db because I was finding when using KEGGSOAP that some
of the KEGG pathways IDs found in the annotation files were non-existent
via KEGGSOAP and had in fact changed ID (based on the name).  As the new
release is out soon I will just wait or find another way round it.

Many thanks


Robert Gentleman wrote:
> Hi Daniel,
>   The situation right now is a bit different than normal, since we are in those
> few days between R's release and bioc's.
>    R is now at 2.9, but for bioc that is still essentially devel for bioc (until
> the 21st, when it will be release; and even so, we won't be updating annotation
> immediately on release so the two will be the same, probably till the end of May
> or so). So using biocLite will get that for you. Are you seeing something different?
>   In general, we strongly advise against mixing of devel and release for any
> packages (and especially for annotation packages).
>   best wishes
>     Robert
> Daniel Brewer wrote:
>> I should have mentioned that I am running R 2.9
>> -----
>> Hi,
>> I would like to use the latest development KEGG.db for something.  DOes
>> anyone know how to install it?  I would really like just that one
>> package, but can cope with the development version if necessary.  It
>> would just save some work converting from old KEGG IDs to new.
>> Dan


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