[BioC] Ensembl mart release 55: Useful information

rhoda at ebi.ac.uk rhoda at ebi.ac.uk
Wed Jul 15 11:13:11 CEST 2009

The new Ensembl marts for release 55 are now live on www.ensembl.org and
www.biomart.org. The following improvements and modifications have been

Mart Builds (all species)

Ensembl mart 55

    * Addition of new species Macropus eugenii (Wallaby)
    * Updated the assembly for Homo sapiens (GRCh37)
    * C. elegans now on release 200
    * Addition of probe and array information from the Functional Genomics
    * Re-introduction of Gene Ontology filter section. The Ensembl mart
now uses the new ensembl_ontology database instead of the ensembl_go
    * Addition of constitutive exon information
    * Contains new mapping for Danio rerio coreexpression ESTs

Vega mart 36

    * Addition of constitutive exon information

Ensembl variation mart 55

New variation source filters and attributes:

    * Illumina CytoSNP 12 v1
    * Illumina Human 1M duo V3
    * Illumina Human 660W quad

NEW Ensembl Functional Genomics mart 55

Contains feature set, external feature, annotated feature and regulatory
feature information from the Ensembl functional genomics database.


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