[BioC] flowCore: logicle transformation of flow cytometry data

Saumyadipta Pyne spyne at broad.mit.edu
Tue Mar 17 20:39:09 CET 2009


I am doing some simulations on flow experiments, and therefore the
data are just a plain numerical matrix of fake scatter and marker
readouts. Thus, the data are not read with read.FCS nor saved as
a flowFrame. Instead I save the matrix as a data frame (call it Ab).

The data, generated by me, have all entries present and containing
integral (real) values. When I try to apply the logicle transformation
to the data, it shows the following error:

 > ltr=logicleTransform("logicle")
 > transform(Ab, "logicle.Ab1"=ltr(Ab1))
 > Error in ltr(Ab1) : Input must be real values.

However I do not get any error with, say, truncateTransform.
Is there a domain of real values for which logicle is not defined?
Please let me know what I might be doing wrong above.


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