[BioC] HilbertVis troubles

Simon Anders anders at ebi.ac.uk
Fri May 15 12:19:14 CEST 2009

Hi Tobia,

Tobias Straub wrote:
> i want to visualize my tiling array data with HilbertVis and failed 
> using the hilbertImage function.
> I get a proper plot using plotLongVector but when i call the 
> hilbertImage function i get "Error: length(vec) >= newLength is not TRUE".
> all operations on random data work. so what is wrong with mine?

Most liekly, your vector is too short. 'hilbertImage' requires each 
pixel in the image to correspond to at least one data element. When you 
don't specify  a level, the default 9 is used, i.e., a picture with 2^9 
x 2^9 pixels is produced, requiring a vector of minimum length 4^9=262,144.

If your vector is shorter, just call hilbertImage with a suitable level, 

   img = hilbertImage( data, level=7 )

'hilbertDisplay' does not have this limitation, by the way, and is more 
convenient to use anyway, unless you want to batch-process something.

(Of course, the limitation should be unnecessary, and I'll try to remove 
it in the next version.)

Best regards

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