[BioC] Heatmap with 7120x500 array

Gerhard Thallinger Gerhard.Thallinger at tugraz.at
Sat Aug 28 19:52:56 CEST 2010

Hi Gaston,

> I'm trying to produce a heat map that clusters 7120 genes 
> into 6 groups based on 500 conditions. I'm using kmeans and 
> then image, but I've two problems. The first one is that 
> kmeans sometimes doesn't converge even with 10 restarts, and 
> the second one is that the image produced is basically all 
> read (I'm using the standard color scheme), not to mention 
> it's size is massive and very hard to deal with. Does anyone 
> have any suggestions on how I could accomplish this task 
> efficiently, or is this data just too big to cluster?

 Genesis should be able to handle datasets that large 
 Adapting the color scale is very easy.

 I can't comment on the convergence of k-means, this could depend
 on the data.



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