[BioC] lumiR error

Paul Sanfilippo prseye at gmail.com
Sun Jan 17 00:16:41 CET 2010

Dear List,

I'm new to microarray analysis, so go easy.  When I try to import some 
methylation data using lumiR, I receive the following error:

 > meth<-lumiR("~/desktop/meth_sample.txt")
Error in gregexpr("\t", dataLine1) : invalid 'text' argument

If I specify "sep":

 > meth<-lumiR("~/desktop/meth_sample.txt",sep="\t")
Error in strsplit(info[nMetaDataLines + 2], sep)[[1]] :
   subscript out of bounds

Does anyone know what might be causing the problem? Can lumiR handle 
this type of data where headers from BeadStudio are "..._Beta" instead 
of "..._Signal", etc

Thank you,

Paul Sanfilippo

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