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On Tue, Oct 5, 2010 at 6:07 PM, Adrian Johnson
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> Hello group,
> I just have my fastq files from a sequencing group. what kind of
> diagnostics one can do using bioconductor? I have a slight idea about
> ngs but do not know where to start?
> What kind of quality assessment tools can be applied on fastq files to
> find if the quality of the reads are good.
> Sorry for a very naive question, just taking baby steps.

* you could plot average phred score @ each base position
* you could look for (unexpected) sequence biases ...
* ...

But honestly, before you begin you should really first read some
review/overviews of NGS protocols so you can do some informed analysis
(if I recall there were a few in Nature(something) around the end of
last year, start of this year(?))

That having been said, if you're just working on a fastq file and want
to stay in the bioconductor realm, have a look at the ShortRead



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