[BioC] ChIPpeakAnno

Zhu, Lihua (Julie) Julie.Zhu at umassmed.edu
Tue Oct 26 19:17:19 CEST 2010


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On 10/26/10 11:52 AM, "Kathleen O'Hagan" <kathleen.ohagan at qub.ac.uk> wrote:

> Dear Dr. Zhu
> I am currently using the ChIPpeakAnno bioconductor package to annotated
> Chip-seq data. I have 1 sample that have been immunoprecipitated with 2
> different antibodys for 2 different histone modifications. I am interested in
> indentifing genes that have both histone marks. I am interesred in your
> "makeVennDiagram" code. My question is- how is the "totalTest" parameter
> defined? Is it the total number of peaks in the file with the most peaks?
> Kind regards
> Kathleen O'Hagan

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