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Hi Lizzy,

On Wed, Sep 15, 2010 at 7:59 AM, Elizabeth Ashley
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> Hi
> I have used heatmap.2 to create a heatmap of my data. It automatically clusters the data and I can't identify which part of the text does this. However I am quite happy to have the clustering (of GO categories) but would like to be able to query the groupings to find insights into how it is clustered. Are these clusters named, and if so can you find out which ones bring back significant data? Below is the script I am using.

I don't really know what type of data is in your GO matrix, nor do I
understand how you intend to find out "which ones bring back
significant data" but an answer to your more general question is to
look at the help from the heatmap.2 function: "?heatmap.2"

Scroll down to the "Value" section, and you'll see that there is a
list/structure that is returned "invisibly" (see ?invisible). There
are two elements in the list named "rowInd" and "colInd" as well as
"rowDendogram" and "colDendrogram" which you can use to start
investigating which rows + cols are grouping together.

Hope that helps,

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