[BioC] Unable to install packages

Michael Bauer mjbauer at eecs.tufts.edu
Fri Jul 8 00:31:20 CEST 2011

Heather Wick <hwick at ...> writes:
> Thanks very much for your response,
> Unfortunately I don't think I'm knowledgeable enough in the
> innerworkings of R to understand what is being said by the link you
> provided. I tried typing in some of the commands but I just get
> messages saying "object not found" or "character(0)". Is there
> somewhere I can find simple step by step instructions for R beginners
> on how to fix this? How do I get the "auto fetch" as you described it,
> to work?
> I apologize for my lack of knowledge in this subject (my background is
> biology, not computer science). Thanks so much,
> ~ Heather

In trying to find the name of the missing library, I spotted a link to this
thread on the Bioconductor front page.  I'm one of the systems administrators at
Heather's site.  Is there some way to figure out what library is missing given
the code and data files, without actually setting up Heather's environment to
install the library in her home directory?

I'm happy to install the appropriate library and its dependency tree, I just
need to know which one it is.


PS: the web submission form that I used for this is incredibly picky about
organization and content of posting, so apologies for ripping out most of the
discussion.  It wouldn't let me post otherwise.

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