[BioC] About your motifStack package

Ou, Jianhong Jianhong.Ou at umassmed.edu
Wed Oct 30 14:01:06 CET 2013

Dear Yalbi,

Thank you for using motifStack package and the kind words.

Yours sincerely,

Jianhong Ou

LRB 670A
Program in Gene Function and Expression
364 Plantation Street Worcester,
MA 01605

On 10/29/13 7:33 PM, "Yalbi Balderas" <balderas at ccg.unam.mx> wrote:

>Jianhong Ou
>I write you because I am using your motifStack package to plot several
>amino acid logos, it works fine and it is very helpful,
>however I would like to know if there is an option in which I can choose
>only two colors to represent two different types of amino acids (those
>who binds metal or not), I have tried with several options in colorset
>but none of them is adequate for me. I hope you could tell me what can I
>Thank you very much for your time,
>Yalbi Balderas-Martínez
>Center for Genomics Sciences

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