[BioC] QuasR question

Michael Stadler michael.stadler at fmi.ch
Mon Sep 1 10:03:03 CEST 2014

Dear Dani,

I hope you don't mind me cc'ing the bioconductor list. The question may
be of interest to others.

The answer to your questions is described in the vignette (section 5.1
"Create a sample file"). Essentially, you just list the pre-existing bam
files instead of the sequence files. QuasR will then use these instead
of creating new bam files.

Let me know if that is not clear.


On 01.09.2014 09:49, Daniel Soronellas wrote:
> Dear Dr. Stadler,
> I contact you because I recently found the QuasR R package, which I found to be very interesting and I would like to apply in my downstream analysis for different experiments (mainly ChIP-seq).
> I have BAM files which are already mapped by a custom pipeline, and I wanted to use QuasR from this starting point. I searched on the documentation how I can load already mapped files but didn't find the answer, is it possible for you to write a few lines of code as an example of BAM file loading to the QuasR package?
> Thank you very much for your time and attention,
> I would really appreciate any help you can give
> Sincerelly,
> Dani Soronellas
> Chromatin & Gene Expression Lab
> Ph: 933160115 / Ext: 1115
> @: daniel.soronellas at crg.eu
> Center for Genomic Regulation, PRBB
> Av. Doctor Aiguader, 88
> 08003, Barcelona (Spain)

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