R-alpha: Re: R-beta: Latin-1 characters (and "=-=" footer and MIME...)

Martin Maechler Martin Maechler <maechler@stat.math.ethz.ch>
Wed, 26 Nov 1997 09:27:32 +0100

=09[redirected to R-devel;  does NOT belong anymore into R-help]

>>>>> "PD" =3D=3D Peter Dalgaard BSA <p.dalgaard@biostat.ku.dk> writes:

    PD> Martin Maechler <maechler@stat.math.ethz.ch> writes:

    >>  You didn't say which version of R you are using;
    >> It is true that 0.50-a4 still doesn't properly work with these.
    >> However, I though Windows "Rsept" was somewhat newer...
    >> Anyway, in current source (unreleased) version, it's all nice :
=09MM> > M=E4chler <- 1:3
=09MM> > ls(pat=3D"^M")
=09MM> [1] "M=E4chler"
=09MM> > M=E4chler
=09MM> [1] 1 2 3

    PD> This seems to be wandering in and out of the sources. The snapshot
    PD> I've been using does

    >> =F8

    PD> Save workspace image? [y/n/c]:

    PD> - but I'm pretty sure an *earlier* one (0.49?) did do Latin1. How
    PD> about adding this to your set of regression tests, so that it
    PD> becomes possible to detect whenever the source tree gets modified?
Ok, I'll think about doing this.

ISO-Latin1 Characters (current source, not yet 0.50): 

 1) Everything seems ok, if they are used in  strings (and comments)

 2) If you use them as [language] symbols, things are different :

> =D6
[1] 0
> =C4
[1] 0
> =FC
Error: syntax error
=09=09=09--- so `=FC' is different from `=E4' ...
> =E4
[1] 0
> =E4 <- 1
Error in 0 <- 1 : invalid (do_set) left-hand side to assignment

> =F2
Error: Object "=F2" not found
> =B5
Error: syntax error
> =AE
Error: Object "=AE" not found
> =AB
Error: syntax error
> "=ABQuoted=BB text"
[1] "=ABQuoted=BB text"
> =FE
Error: syntax error
> "=FE"
[1] "=FE"
> =F8
Error: syntax error
> "=F8"
[1] "=F8"
> nchar("=F8")
[1] 1

---------------------- etc. ---------------------------

Point is: 
=09It's not quite clear which ISO-latin1 characters should 
=09belong to the set of characters which can be used in R symbols
=09{this is not the same as R object names,
=09 which can contain everything, using  assign(..) and  get(..)}

Note that in S-plus,  ONLY  ASCII characters valid  symbol names,

I think, all the following should be allowed  symbol components,
to make  R  really  ``nicely usable'' for  European-Language users

  A.accents <- "=E0=E1=E2=E3=E4=E5=E6 =C0=C1=C2=C3=C4=C5=C6" # `a 'a ^a "a =
oa ae  `A 'A ^A "A oA AE
  EI.accents <- "=C8=C9=CA=CB=CC=CD=CE=CF =E8=E9=EA=EB=EC=ED=EE=EF"# =3D `E=
 'E ^E "E  `I 'I .....
  O.accents <- "=D2=D3=D4=D5=D6=D8=F2=F3=F4=F5=F6=F8"
  U.accents <- "=D9=DA=DB=DC=DD=F9=FA=FB=FC=FD"
## I did not include the two islandic
  Islandic <- "=D0=F0" # maybe we should

R & R, any comments?

    PD> And BTW, yes, your message became "malformed quoted printable"
    PD> because of the =3D-=3D- pattern in the footer. May I suggest we qui=
    PD> change "=3D" to "+" or "~" (while equally quietly cursing the MIME
    PD> standard mess...)

Ok, just done it (change and polite curse).  You should see it now..

- Martin
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