Gnome interface status report

Lyndon Drake
Mon, 12 Jul 1999 20:54:43 +1200


First, the Find dialog now works.  Users can search backwards or forwards, from the top,
bottom or current cursor position.  Tomorrow I'm going to add regular expression searches
and the option to wrap searches.

I have also got command line arguments working.  I'd really like someone to test this out,
as I never use the command line arguments and so don't know what people generally use.

I have added support for the R_NSIZE, R_VSIZE, R_HISTFILE, and R_HISTSIZE environment
variables (cut'n'paste from unix/system.c :-).  If there are any other environment
variables lurking in the unix source code that I should know about, please let me know.

Given that things like NSize and VSize can be set via environment variable, command line
argument and GUI preferences, I have arbitrarily come up with a precedence (it's easy to
change if anyone disagrees).  Command line arguments have the highest precedence,
followed by the GUI prefs, followed by the environment variables.  Arguably the 
environment variables should take precedence over the GUI preferences; but I think that
it could be a bit confusing if a user sets the vsize using the preferences dialog, but
the setting never takes effect because of an environment variable in the system profile.
However, the GUI will use any environment variables as the default when creating the

I have also split gnome/system.c into several files, because it was becoming to big for
easy navigation.  The files are: system.c, system-unix.c, system-choosefile.c,
system-console.c, and system-showfiles.c.  system.c has main, the argument parsing and
the cleanup stuff.  system-unix.c has all the code that I haven't touched, i.e. that is
(hopefully) identical to the corresponding functions in unix/system.c.


PS: I broke the Gnome graphics today, which is wierd because I didn't touch them.  I'll
figure it out tomorrow.  I've also noticed that several console control keys no longer
work (C-u in particular), which I will need to sort out.

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