Lisp-stat and R? [was: Re: Status?]

Johannes Hüsing
Tue, 13 Aug 2002 15:41:15 +0200

On Thu 2002-08-08 (18:43), wrote:
>   I'll add a challenge of my own -- to incorportate
> R modelling, static graphics and data manipulations into Lisp-stat.

I don't see anyone finding much interest in re-programming
all modelling aspects which are available and being extended in 
R from scratch in XLispStat. 

Rather I would like to see each language to continue to excel in
what it is already good at. XLispStat can survive when it builds 
on its dynamic graphic facilities, which have been exceptional in 
1990, and still worth a look at in 2002.
For ideas about what else 
graphics can do, see for example

One thing that comes to mind that might be worthwhile is a
color model. There's some remarkable work by Steve Majewski but I 
don't know how widely used it is.

This way, one would have a flexible and powerful graphics engine. It
can be extended in large projects. If it keeps an edge over, say, R
in the area of graphics, it will be a tool always to consider, rather
than a duplicate effort in an area other languages already shine.

For working in what other languages are good at, there's Omegahat

Just another two cents.


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