[Rd] rsprng doesn't install on Debian (woody) (PR#2378)

charpent@bacbuc.dyndns.org charpent@bacbuc.dyndns.org
Tue Dec 17 10:40:04 2002

Full_Name: Emmanuel Charpentier
Version: 1.6.1
OS: Linux 2.4.20 / Debian Woody
Submission from: (NULL) (

rsprng depends on libraries available in the "genesis" package. However, even
when Genesis is installed, the installation of the source package fails for not
finding rsprng.h. It turns out that Debian installs it in a subdirectoru of
/usr/include, and that the rsprng packages assumes that it is located in

I have but a suggestion : allow the rsprng installation to look in /usr/include


                           Emmanuel Charpentier