[Rd] Bug in versioned install (was: (fwd) R-1.7.0 : Problem withDownloading "dse") (PR#2827)

Paul Gilbert pgilbert at bank-banque-canada.ca
Fri Apr 25 14:06:15 MEST 2003

Henrik Bengtsson wrote:
> A patch for install.packages() can be loaded as
> source("http://www.maths.lth.se/help/R/patches/rw1070/install.packages.R
> ")
> All fixes are done to the local function unpackPkg() of
> install.packages(). The fix is based on the assumption that a bundle (in
> zip format) contains directories for packages  , which in turn contains
> the DESCRIPTION files needed. Is this assumption correct?! I also made

When I put the bundle together, the bundle directory contains a 
DESCRIPTION file, and each package subdirectory contains a file
DESCRIPTION.in. At some point the DESCRIPTION and DESCRIPTION.in files 
are cat'ed together in each package directory (but not by me). So, the 
assumption may be correct at some point in the process, put it is not 
correct at the beginning.


> the temporary directory to be deleted using on.exit() to make the error
> recovering a little bit nicer.
> Henrik Bengtsson
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>>Subject: [Rd] Bug in versioned install (was: (fwd) R-1.7.0 : 
>>Problem withDownloading "dse") (PR#2827)
>>The reason dse won't install is because of the new versioned 
>>install code.  It assumes that it's dealing with a plain 
>>package, and doesn't handle bundles properly.
>>Robert, could you look at that?  
>>A workaround is as follows.  After the install.packages call 
>>fails with this message
>>>Error in file(file, "r") : unable to open connection
>>>In addition: Warning message:
>>>cannot open file `dse/DESCRIPTION' 
>>you are left with a temporary directory in $RHOME/library 
>>named something like $RHOME/library/file14752 (the number at 
>>the end will vary).
>>This directory will contain subdirectories dse1, dse2, 
>>setRNG, and tframe.  
>>If you move those four subdirectories up a level to 
>>$RHOME/library, then dse will work.
>>Duncan Murdoch
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