[Rd] Re: [R-SIG-Mac] cleanest build I can think of

Byron Ellis bellis at hsph.harvard.edu
Tue Aug 12 12:49:27 MEST 2003

Yes, gcc-3.3 (and the matching g77-3.3) and local builds of everything 
(well, almost I'm pretty sure my jpeglib and pnglib came from my TeX 

Also, upon reflection its probably better to change CPPFLAGS to 
'-I/usr/local/include -D__DEBUGGING__' rather than CFLAGS since 
CPPFLAGS is included in the .c.d rule and CFLAGS is not. I must have 
already had the .d files sitting around.

On Tuesday, August 12, 2003, at 02:39 AM, Stefano Iacus wrote:

> Thanks Byron, I assume you use new Devel Tool updates and nothing from 
> fink?
> Can other people with new dev tools check this (for example Jan?)
> It would be nice to update the instuction page (and R-admin in the 
> future)
> some general notes:
> 1. there is no need to configure with --without-x as X11 can now be 
> used from inside RAqua
> 2. please use R-devel and not R-Sig-Mac as we will soon close this 
> list (from R-1.8.0)
> 3. me and Thomas have implemented many new code to the Aqua GUI. If 
> you rsync today and reinstall RAqua you'll see these changes
> 4. tcltk seems to work again but only after launching tkStartGUI()
> stefano
> On Martedì, ago 12, 2003, at 07:17 Europe/Rome, Byron Ellis wrote:
>> I've recently had the 'opportunity' (if you can call a dead hard 
>> drive that) to rebuild my iBook from scratch and I thought I'd share 
>> my 'building R with minimum changes' :-)
>> Note: I use bash not tcsh, I don't remember if this syntax works
>> FPICFLAGS=-fno-common LDFLAGS=-lcc_dynamic ./configure 
>> --enable-R-shlib --with-aqua --without-x --with-blas='-framework 
>> vecLib' --with-lapack
>> This gets rid of the devQuartz.c building problems caused by 
>> Debugging.h and gets configure to run. Everything else is according 
>> to Stefano's website. Obviously you'd need to make modifications for 
>> Tcl/Tk and recommended packages and such, but this gets me up and 
>> running without having to modify files (which is good for those of us 
>> syncing from R-sync :-))
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