[Rd] RAqua

Jan de Leeuw deleeuw at stat.ucla.edu
Tue Aug 12 20:44:13 MEST 2003

Small things, mostly.

1. Buildproblem. Well-known and annoying. Build fails if debugging is on
(which is the default) because Debugging.h breaks devQuartz.c
compiles. If debugging is switched off on the command line or in
the environment, then devQuartz.c builds, but aquaconsole.c does
not compile, because it needs Debugging.h. I do not want to edit
Apple system files, and not files in the R distribution either.

2. It would be useful if quartz devices could be opened from a

3. Maybe a primary prompt in the input window would be useful.

4. Input and output windows cannot be resized independently. I
would still vote for two separate input and output windows.

5. Interaction with Tcl/Tk is still problematic. For instance, Tcl/Tk
takes over the menubar, and if you don't use tkStartGUI() the
tk windows don't respond to mouse clicks. For instance, try
using Rcmdr. Also if you use tkStartGUI(), and AquaTk has
taken over, it creates windows (for instance for downloading CRAN
packages) without scrollbars. This is important, because Tcl/Tk
is still the only possible way of building GUI applications
from RAqua.

6. If you want to download from CRAN you select packages in
a window, and the download starts if you close the window.
That's not intuitive, there should be a separate download or go

7. I thought I saw somewhere that RAqua can now open X11
devices. Mine can't.

8. Installation should be in ~/Applications, or in some other
user defined position. My /Applications only has Apple

9. I see that there already is an "R Evaluate" service advertised.
Great. Doesn't work yet, though.
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