[Rd] RAqua

Thomas Lumley tlumley at u.washington.edu
Wed Aug 13 08:24:48 MEST 2003

On Wed, 13 Aug 2003, Stefano Iacus wrote:

> > 4. Input and output windows cannot be resized independently. I
> > would still vote for two separate input and output windows.

And I'd vote for a single combined window :)

> > 6. If you want to download from CRAN you select packages in
> > a window, and the download starts if you close the window.
> it starts only if you check the item "install", otherwise the R session
> continues giving you a prompt.
> > That's not intuitive, there should be a separate download or go
> > button.

I don't find it intuitive, either, but isn't it fairly standard under
Aqua/OSX that dialogs are `live' and changes happen without a separate
confirmation button (eg in System Preferences)?

> > 7. I thought I saw somewhere that RAqua can now open X11
> > devices. Mine can't.
> you should start QuartzX and use x11(display=":0")

You don't even need x11(display=":0"), but you do need to start an X
server.  RAqua doesn't start an X server and I don't think it should.

X display windows are still not resizable, which is a similar
event-handling issue to the Tk one.


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