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Stefano Iacus jago at mclink.it
Wed Aug 13 12:48:22 MEST 2003

On Mercoledì, ago 13, 2003, at 04:44 Europe/Rome, Jan de Leeuw wrote:

> Small things, mostly.
> 1. Buildproblem. Well-known and annoying. Build fails if debugging is  
> on
> (which is the default) because Debugging.h breaks devQuartz.c
> compiles. If debugging is switched off on the command line or in
> the environment, then devQuartz.c builds, but aquaconsole.c does
> not compile, because it needs Debugging.h. I do not want to edit
> Apple system files, and not files in the R distribution either.

Not a small thing this one :)
I'll substitute the code inside aquaconsole & C. that conflicts with  
Debuggin.h and add then use -D__DEBUGGING__

> 2. It would be useful if quartz devices could be opened from a
> menu.
> 3. Maybe a primary prompt in the input window would be useful.
> 4. Input and output windows cannot be resized independently. I
> would still vote for two separate input and output windows.
> 5. Interaction with Tcl/Tk is still problematic. For instance, Tcl/Tk
> takes over the menubar, and if you don't use tkStartGUI() the
> tk windows don't respond to mouse clicks. For instance, try
> using Rcmdr. Also if you use tkStartGUI(), and AquaTk has
> taken over, it creates windows (for instance for downloading CRAN
> packages) without scrollbars. This is important, because Tcl/Tk
> is still the only possible way of building GUI applications
> from RAqua.

> 6. If you want to download from CRAN you select packages in
> a window, and the download starts if you close the window.
it starts only if you check the item "install", otherwise the R session  
continues giving you a prompt.
> That's not intuitive, there should be a separate download or go
> button.
> 7. I thought I saw somewhere that RAqua can now open X11
> devices. Mine can't.
you should start QuartzX and use x11(display=":0")

> 8. Installation should be in ~/Applications, or in some other
> user defined position. My /Applications only has Apple
> software.
We can manage this through the installer probably. The problem is that  
Apple bundles seem to be too much rigid, I will think about it.

> 9. I see that there already is an "R Evaluate" service advertised.
> Great. Doesn't work yet, though.
emh, never implemented! It is strange you see anything as services.

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