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John Fox jfox at mcmaster.ca
Wed Aug 13 09:52:21 MEST 2003

Dear Jan and Peter,

Given Peter's explanation, setting options(Rcmdr=list(tkwait=TRUE)) before 
loading the Rcmdr package might allow the Commander to work (although it 
will disable the R command prompt while the Commander window is open). Not 
a good solution, of course.


At 09:05 AM 8/13/2003 +0200, Peter Dalgaard BSA wrote:
>Jan de Leeuw <deleeuw at stat.ucla.edu> writes:
> > 5. Interaction with Tcl/Tk is still problematic. For instance, Tcl/Tk
> > takes over the menubar, and if you don't use tkStartGUI() the
> > tk windows don't respond to mouse clicks. For instance, try
> > using Rcmdr. Also if you use tkStartGUI(), and AquaTk has
> > taken over, it creates windows (for instance for downloading CRAN
> > packages) without scrollbars. This is important, because Tcl/Tk
> > is still the only possible way of building GUI applications
> > from RAqua.
>tkStartGUI is just a proof of concept and many parts of it are
>sketchy. It doesn't create scrollbars on unix either, but you can
>scroll with the middle button (now how do you do that with a single
>button mouse?). It would be easy to add the scrollbar, I just don't
>think this is due to bad interactions with Aqua in particular.
>Starting yet another console to get Tk windows to respond is just
>wrong. Presumably, the case is that nothing is running the Tk event
>loop and that tkStartGUI executes a "wait variable" which runs the
>loop by itself. It should be fairly easy to wedge a tk event handler
>into the Aqua loop (disclaimer: I don't have access to a Mac, I'm just
>assuming that Aqua works like other GUI toolkits and allows you to
>define idle handlers and the like).
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