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Stefano Iacus jago at mclink.it
Thu Aug 14 00:28:47 MEST 2003

On Mercoledì, ago 13, 2003, at 18:26 Europe/Rome, Thomas Lumley wrote:

> On Wed, 13 Aug 2003, Jan de Leeuw wrote:
>> Some additional suggestions:
>> If you install/update packages, the output can be viewed in the
>> Console application. Is that really the place where we want it ?
> Good point.  It's not clear exactly which functions should output to
> separate windows rather than the console.  Currently this is decided
> automatically by whether the function uses the pager or cat/print.
> The main drawback of putting the output in a separate window is that 
> the
> current ways of doing this would not show any output until the
> installation is complete.   I find that the main reason to turn off (or
> turn down) buffered output in the console is exactly to see the
> incremental output from package installations.   Of course, an entirely
> GUI solution using progress bars &c would be nice, but it's not going 
> to
> happen (certainly not before 1.8.0).
>> update.packages() without argument can be used from the RAqua
>> console, but maybe the GUI should have an update.all
>> button
> As the default in Packages|update is to update, you can update all
> packages by choosing Packages|update and then closing the window 
> without
> changing anything.
> BTW, I've just fixed all the data browser windows to show when their
> contents have been modified, which gives a bit more interface feedback
> that something will happen when you close the window.
>> Quit from the menu requires you to respond to a question in
>> the RAqua console. It would be more intuitive if Quit from the
>> menu brought up a dialog window asking if you wanted
>> to save the workspace.
> And it now does.

Today I have put a new version of RAqua installer package on my page 

It is sync-ed with today's r-devel (11 GMT)

>> If you change settings in Network, for instance, there is an "Apply
>> Now" button.
> Yes. I don't disagree in principle, and I have found it confusing in
> OS X that some things need confirmation and others don't.
> A dialog sheet asking for confirmation would be nice.  I don't know 
> how to
> do these yet, but I am looking.

navigation API allows you for that by specifiing window modality 
opportunely. Have a look inside NavSample code in the Carbon SDK 1.6 
from apple. THe "modern.c" file explains how to do these sort of stuff.
Sheet window are a problem as the dialog does not exit after a user 
selection (just like any ohter dialog!!!) but just after opening the 
dialog. You have to write some dedicated event loop code. I've avoided 
sheets for this reason.

>> I agree (of course)  it shouldn't start an X server. But I may have an
>> older version
>> of RAqua, because mine still says
>> X11 module is not available under this GUI
> Ah.  X11 support went in fairly recently and I don't think is in the
> last precompiled binary that Stefano put up (and yes, I remember you 
> were
> having compiling problems with RAqua).
> You would need to compile a more recent version from rsync to get the 
> X11
> support.
> 	-thomas
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