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Thomas Lumley tlumley at u.washington.edu
Wed Aug 13 10:26:12 MEST 2003

On Wed, 13 Aug 2003, Jan de Leeuw wrote:

> Some additional suggestions:
> If you install/update packages, the output can be viewed in the
> Console application. Is that really the place where we want it ?

Good point.  It's not clear exactly which functions should output to
separate windows rather than the console.  Currently this is decided
automatically by whether the function uses the pager or cat/print.

The main drawback of putting the output in a separate window is that the
current ways of doing this would not show any output until the
installation is complete.   I find that the main reason to turn off (or
turn down) buffered output in the console is exactly to see the
incremental output from package installations.   Of course, an entirely
GUI solution using progress bars &c would be nice, but it's not going to
happen (certainly not before 1.8.0).

> update.packages() without argument can be used from the RAqua
> console, but maybe the GUI should have an update.all
> button

As the default in Packages|update is to update, you can update all
packages by choosing Packages|update and then closing the window without
changing anything.

BTW, I've just fixed all the data browser windows to show when their
contents have been modified, which gives a bit more interface feedback
that something will happen when you close the window.

> Quit from the menu requires you to respond to a question in
> the RAqua console. It would be more intuitive if Quit from the
> menu brought up a dialog window asking if you wanted
> to save the workspace.

And it now does.

> If you change settings in Network, for instance, there is an "Apply
> Now" button.

Yes. I don't disagree in principle, and I have found it confusing in
OS X that some things need confirmation and others don't.

A dialog sheet asking for confirmation would be nice.  I don't know how to
do these yet, but I am looking.

> I agree (of course)  it shouldn't start an X server. But I may have an
> older version
> of RAqua, because mine still says
> X11 module is not available under this GUI

Ah.  X11 support went in fairly recently and I don't think is in the
last precompiled binary that Stefano put up (and yes, I remember you were
having compiling problems with RAqua).

You would need to compile a more recent version from rsync to get the X11


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