[Rd] nice combo on os x

Jan de Leeuw deleeuw@stat.ucla.edu
Thu Feb 27 03:20:41 2003

You need

(a) a recent OS X framework build of python, which also installs IDLE
(b) a recent OS X framework build  of AquaTk (i.e. native Tcl/Tk)
(c) a version of R compiled with AquaTk and without X11
(d) a recent version of Rpy

Now you can open IDLE and say

 >> from rpy import *
 >> r.quartz()
 >> r.library("tcltk")
 >> r.demo("tkdensity")

This all works. You get the Aqua Tk widgets and the plotting in the
quartz device. Windows can be brought to the foreground, minimized to  
dock, and widgets can be operated with the mouse. No X11 is required
at all.

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