[Rd] bundle-loader

Jan de Leeuw deleeuw@stat.ucla.edu
Thu Feb 27 03:39:02 2003

I removed "-bundle_loader $(Rexecbin)/R.bin" from the configure files
but left "-undefined error". Now

1. Everything builds fine, i.e. the packages get their symbols from  
just fine. This is libR.dylib in the build directory, but I think dyld  
is smart
enough to find it in the install directory as well if you were to  
remove the build

2 The methods package builds, but refuses to dump. Adding the  
flag there again (manually) fixes that. Of course methods is different  
from the
others because it actually uses R.bin to dump, I guess.

3. aqua.so still gets "-bundle -undefined error" from the new shlib ld  
(with bundle_loader eliminated) but also "-flat-namespace -undefined  
from somewhere else. That's too much.
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