[Rd] internal support for dlopen, dlclose etc (darwin port)

Stefano Iacus jago at mclink.it
Sat Jul 19 23:36:45 MEST 2003

This is just to say that I have included the code from the dlcompat 
library to support dlopen, dlclose etc under darwin from inside R 
This is needed to me to have as much as possible a selfcontained 
application bundle which does not need too much external dlls installed 
(the current version of RAqua installer also installs a copy of 
dlcompat dll on user's system)

I have just committed to cvs and update the new version of RAqua 
shortly on my webpage.

If you want to build this version of R you should re-configure from 
scratch (I would be pleased to have some feedback from people using the 
latest Dev Tools, panther etc)

PLEASE NOTE: before running configure please take care to remove 
libdl*.dylib and dlfc.h header files from your system (either you use 
fink or not) because I have not yet tuned the configure yet to take 
care of this.


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