[Rd] unz()

Marsland, John John.Marsland at CommerzbankIB.com
Mon Jul 21 09:26:40 MEST 2003

I am having some problems with unz() under R 1.7.1 using windows NT 4.0

destfile="c:/temp/test.zip", mode="wb")
z <- unz("c:/temp/test.zip", "home/test.txt", open="r")
test <- read.table(z,sep=";",skip=1,header=T,as.is=T)

this code seems temperamental and seems to work if you play around with
open(z) and isOpen(z) eventually ...

otherwise I get the error:

Error in readLines(file, skip) : seek not enabled for this connection

I have checked this out further since I posted a melp message on Friday, I
think it must be a bug.

If anybody could offer advice?


John Marsland

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