[Rd] OpenBSD 3.[23] and R-1.7.1

Kurt Hornik hornik at ci.tuwien.ac.at
Sat Jul 26 19:57:49 MEST 2003

>>>>> Simon Urbanek writes:

> On Friday, July 25, 2003, at 01:30  PM, Peter Rye wrote:
>> [...]
>> I've reviewed my previous OpenBSD patches, which now look like a 
>> horribly
>> clumsy way of fixing the shared library naming problem, and I see they 
>> were
>> mangled in the conversion to html.
>> For the benefit of anyone else using OpenBSD, here are my revised 
>> patches
>> (just need to get R on the alpha working properly):
>> <code>
>> -- configure.orig	Fri Jul 25 12:02:53 2003
>> ++ configure	Fri Jul 25 12:10:30 2003

> Just a side note: it's not a good idea to patch configure, since it is
> auto-generated from configure.ac You probably want to use following
> patch for configure.ac: (this one is based on current R-devel, but
> that should be no problem)

Thanks for the patch.  I currently cannot connect to franz, but once
again will commit a variant of it: libtool always uses the

  if test -z "`echo __ELF__ | $CC -E - | grep __ELF__`"

for detecting ELF (actually, it also deals with openbsd 2.8 on powerpc)
and seems to think that the versioned dylib exts are always needed.

Pls check.


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