[Rd] Wording of "R Installation and Administration"

Ko-Kang Kevin Wang kwan022 at stat.auckland.ac.nz
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I hope I haven't got this wrong, but I don't think one needs Perl 
installed if they install the "precompiled" packages for Windows right?

I'm just wondering if the first sentence in the "R Installation and 
Administration" can be re-worded a bit so newbies won't get confused....

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Hi Rick,

On Sun, 1 Jun 2003 rwatkins at cornerstonelp.com wrote:

> Kevin-
> 	Thanks a lot for the help -- the Install manual clearly states in the first
> line of the Installing Packages section that one needs Perl5.004 or higher
> to install source packages. (To date, I have found the manuals to be
> confusing at best.)

Ah I see the confusion.  I am taking it you are reading the "R 
Installation and Administration", Section 5.1.  It says "Installing source 
packages requires that Perl 5.004 or later be installed."  Note the 
keywords "source packages".  It means if you want to download the "source 
codes" of the package(s), i.e. a tarball file, and compile the package 
yourself, then you will need Perl.

Most, if not all, packages on CRAN have a "pre-compiled" windows version, 
i.e. a ZIP file.  That is why the easiest way is to install under Rgui, as 
the default URL setting in Rgui is to look under the appropriate directory 
in which pre-compiled package files located.

> 	I am trying to use the Rgui to install: (specifically: Packages/Install
> Packages from CRAN.)  But I will try once again, and this time attempt to
> follow your "template" -- Thanks again for your time and consideration.
> It's greatly appreciated.

An alternative is to download the precompiled zip file and unzip them into 
your R library folder.



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