[Rd] Re: [R] suggestion for make.names

Tom Minka minka at stat.cmu.edu
Wed Jun 18 14:00:34 MEST 2003

Peter Dalgaard BSA writes:
> It is not only non-trivial, but there is also a risk of running into
> logical inconsistencies in some applications of model formulas. E.g.
> in nls() and friends, the RHS is an arbitrary R expression and it
> might involve true character strings -- think
> y~lsoda(start, "Time since inj.", "myfun", parms=c(a=1,b=2),
>         dllname="myfun.dll") 
> where "Time since inj." could be a variable name, but the other two
> are literals.

Maybe I() could be used to escape the true character strings?


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