[Rd] axis() default values for "lty", "lwd", and "col"

Prof Brian Ripley ripley at stats.ox.ac.uk
Wed May 21 08:28:30 MEST 2003

I believe this to be deliberate.  If I do


I do not want the axes to be thick, dotted and blue, with black labels.
(It is also I suspect deliberate that


does not pass any of those parameters on to axis().)

You say you made the labels bigger: to do that you needed to set cex.axis 
and cex.main, not cex.

I'm afraid this change would break a lot of existing code.  I am aware 
that S-PLUS does this (with blue labels too), and I have always found it
irritating to have to work around it.

On Tue, 20 May 2003, Jerome Asselin wrote:

> I would like to recommend a minor modification in axis() which I believe 
> can simplify the making of plots for publications. I am trying to define 
> default values for par() in order to make labels bigger and lines thicker, 
> so that the resulting plots look good when resized for publication 
> purposes. I ran into the following problem...
> axis() does not use par() values as default for "lty", "lwd", and "col". 
> Here is an example.
> par(lty=2,lwd=3,col="blue")
> plot(1,1,bty="n",axes=F)
> axis(1)
> axis(2)
> Because axis() doesn't use the par() values, I have to explicitely define 
> the parameters "lty", "lwd", and "col" in my axis() calls. It would make 
> sense if axis() used the par() values by default.
> Hence, I recommend this simple fix in the axis() function([...]) statement 
> in order to have axis() read the par() values for "lty", "lwd", and "col".
> axis <- 
> function (side, at = NULL, labels = TRUE, tick = TRUE, line = NA,
>     pos = NA, outer = FALSE, font = NA, vfont = NULL, lty = par("lty"),
>     lwd = par("lwd"), col = par("col"), ...)
> { [...] }
> I use R1.7.0 on Red Hat Linux 7.2.
> Sincerely,
> Jerome Asselin

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