[Rd] Size of x11 device

Barry Rowlingson B.Rowlingson at lancaster.ac.uk
Thu May 22 11:43:30 MEST 2003

>>Is anyone else unhappy with what the default 7" x 7" gives them?

  My Sony Vaio C-series sub-notebook has a screen that is about 5" high. 
I dont think I've tried running R in linux on it yet, but I dont like 
the idea of having 2 inches of X11 display hanging off the bottom.

  What alternatives are there to initial graphic device window size?

  A: fixed at 7"x7" (or some other size)
  B: fixed at 600pixels by 600pixels (or some other pixel size)
  C: fixed at X% by Y% of the screen size
  D: fixed at some absolute size unless the screen isnt big enough, in 
which case go as big as possible but remaining completely visible

  Some of these options may be confounded by window manager decorations, 
of course. I'm not that picky about which option I prefer, as long as 
its easy enough to choose a new one and save it as a preference.


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