[Rd] Re: [R] help output paged in separate window

Duncan Murdoch dmurdoch at pair.com
Sun May 25 11:27:55 MEST 2003

On 25 May 2003 15:35:47 +0200, you wrote:
>A bit of both, I think. The Unix version of help() has
>                  file.show(zfile, title = paste("R Help on `",
>                    topic, "'", sep = ""), delete.file = (zfile !=
>                    file), pager = pager)
>so everything is in the title. We could still paste the title and the
>header arguments rather than put the header in the displayed text, of

Windows has

 file.show(zfile, title = "", header = paste("`", topic, "' help", 
	sep=""), delete.file = (zfile!=file), pager = pager)

Probably I should change Windows to use title= instead of header=.
It'll make no difference to the behaviour with the standard Windows
pager, which combines the title and header.

I think tkpager should combine the title and header too, since it
shows each file in a separate window, but the change above would be
enough to solve the bug I reported.

>I don't read the docs as "overall title common to all displayed files"
>though, just as common to the set of files displayed by file.show. Or
>was that what you meant too?

Yes, common to all files displayed in that call.


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