[Rd] Proposal: 'global' package refactoring

Liaw, Andy andy_liaw at merck.com
Tue Nov 25 15:26:45 MET 2003

> From: John Fox
> Dear Gregory, Paul, and Jan,
> I recall proposing something like this (that is, a classification of 
> available functions) some time ago, but it never got off the 
> ground. The 
> advantage of using keywords is that package authors would 
> classify their 
> own functions, but I don't think that the current set of keywords is 
> adequate. It would be particularly useful to work out a 
> hierarchical or 
> perhaps hyper-linked classification (without restricting particular 
> functions to just one terminal node).

I guess something similar to GAMS would help a lot:

Personally I think "refactoring" of packages is too difficult to manage, but
cross-indexing of functions in an easily searchable fashion would go a long

> Regards,
>   John

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