[Rd] Documentation bug in src/library/base/man/unix/BATCH.Rd (PR#5386)

thoffman at zappa.sax.de thoffman at zappa.sax.de
Fri Nov 28 20:31:12 MET 2003

Full_Name: Thomas Hoffmann
Version: 1.8.1
OS: OS/2 4.52, Linux (Suse 9.0)
Submission from: (NULL) (

There is simply a bracket missing: "make check-devel" reports this correctly.
The wrong paragraph is:

 \item{options}{a list of \R command line options, e.g., for setting the
    amount of memory available and controlling the load/save process.
    If \code{infile} starts with a \samp{-}, use \samp{--} as the final
    option.  The default options are \samp{--restore --save --no-readline}.

==> There should be another closing bracket at the end of the last line: 

...    option.  The default options are \samp{--restore --save --no-readline}.}

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