[Rd] xlc/xlf on osx

Jan de Leeuw deleeuw at stat.ucla.edu
Sun Oct 12 20:51:50 MEST 2003

I can now build most of R with XLC/XLF using optimization level O4
on OS X. I twice have to intervene and manually set optimization
to O3 (for trees.c in zlib and util.c in main). But, more importantly, I
cannot use the xlc/xlf compiler drivers for linking. They do not
understand some of the gcc flags, which is no problem because they
then pass them to ld, but more importantly they refuse to handle
any file with name  foo.lo. Is the "lo" a configure switch I can set to
"o" ? Currently I am building everything by setting LD_MAIN and
LD_SHLIB to gcc, i.e. xlc/xlf does the actual compilations and gcc 
drives the
linking. This is not ideal, because it may include the wrong options and
libraries, and it eventually breaks the methods package (which refuses
to dump code after it compiles).

Other things which I see is that the "-framework Carbon" flag gets
lost when linking R.bin, and that I can only link libLapack.dylib
by adding "-flat_namespace -undefined suppress" to the linker
flags. These are somewhat mysterious.

I am attaching config.site.

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