[Rd] xlc/xlf on osx

Kurt Hornik Kurt.Hornik at wu-wien.ac.at
Sun Oct 12 21:12:36 MEST 2003

>>>>> Jan de Leeuw writes:

> I can now build most of R with XLC/XLF using optimization level O4 on
> OS X. I twice have to intervene and manually set optimization to O3
> (for trees.c in zlib and util.c in main). But, more importantly, I
> cannot use the xlc/xlf compiler drivers for linking. They do not
> understand some of the gcc flags, which is no problem because they
> then pass them to ld, but more importantly they refuse to handle any
> file with name foo.lo. Is the "lo" a configure switch I can set to "o"
> ? Currently I am building everything by setting LD_MAIN and LD_SHLIB
> to gcc, i.e. xlc/xlf does the actual compilations and gcc drives the
> linking. This is not ideal, because it may include the wrong options
> and libraries, and it eventually breaks the methods package (which
> refuses to dump code after it compiles).

I think the configure code actually tests whether the compilers can
handle -c -o .lo, and have a workaround if this fails.


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