[Rd] data() misbehaving inside a function

Paul Gilbert pgilbert at bank-banque-canada.ca
Fri Oct 17 18:31:49 MEST 2003

Gabor Grothendieck wrote:
> There seem to be two opposing yet valid viewpoints to the 
> question of doing it right vs. compatibility with S-Plus.
> Compatbility with older version of R is a third overlapping
> possible goal.
> There does not appear to be an overall statement of 
> intent in R, but rather, this question and others are 
> approached on a case by case basis.

I think this point was discussed and settled a long time ago. It may 
actually pre-date the mail archives:

1/ Do it right.
2/ If it does not conflict with 1/, have S-plus compatibility.
3/ If back compatibility with older versions of R cannot be maintained 
to accomplish 1/ then make the transition as painless as possible and 
try to isolate the screaming to remote locations like Seattle and Ottawa :).

I would say that eliminating "_" for assignment is a pretty strong 
indication of how much 1/ dominates. The main problem seems to be that 
it sometimes takes awhile to know what "right" is, and in the meantime 
2/ dominates.

Paul Gilbert

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