[Rd] Re: R-1.8.0 + IBM VisualAge/C for AIX compiler

Kurt Hornik Kurt.Hornik at wu-wien.ac.at
Fri Oct 31 13:51:36 MET 2003

>>>>> Simon Urbanek writes:

> A while ago I compiled R 1.7.0 for AIX (with the above compiler - I'll  
> call it xlc) and I was surprised that it went quite smoothly.

> Unfortunately with R 1.8.0 it's not as easy, but I succeeded at least
> partially. Static R works fine (after some tweaking), but
> --enable-R-shlib fails resp. produces a buggy R. Following are the
> problems I encountered (in a warning-to-fatal-error sequence):

> ...

> 5) while making libR.so - bad path to R.exp
> ld: 0706-003 Cannot find or read import file: /etc/R.exp
>          ld:accessx(): A file or directory in the path name does not  
> exist.
> make[3]: *** [libR.so] Error 255

> for some reason /etc/R.exp ends up in the flags instead of  
> $(top_builddir)/etc/R.exp . My guess is that there is also  
> $(R_HOME)/etc/R.exp in Makeconf and $R_HOME is not set when compiling  
> the R shared library.
> Setting R_HOME to the build directory indeed fixes this.

> ...

libR.so is built using DYLIB_LDFLAGS which by default is set to
SHLIB_LDFLAGS.  For AIX, we have

    shlib_ldflags="${wl}-bM:SRE ${wl}-H512 ${wl}-T512 ${wl}-bnoentry ${wl}-bexpa
ll ${wl}-bI:\$(R_HOME)/etc/R.exp"

but R_HOME is not set when libR.so is built.  We could either do that,
or set DYLIB_LDFLAGS as needed.


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