[Rd] R 1.8.0 alpha

Peter Dalgaard BSA p.dalgaard at biostat.ku.dk
Wed Sep 10 17:17:24 MEST 2003

The countdown to R version 1.8.0 has begun. As a novelty, we now
make preliminary source tarballs available somewhat earlier in the
process. They will be found in


with names of the form  R-1.8.0alpha_2003-09-10.tar.gz 

The first one was created a moment ago; subsequent ones will be
created by a cron job that runs at 05:00 local (Wisconsin) time.

There are still a couple of problems with these versions, but we
expect that there should be no major changes between now and release

If you have "esoteric" platforms, it is particularly important that
you give us feedback about build issues as soon as you can. Much
better to fix problems before the release than to have to patch things
up immediately after release.

Daily snapshots are available as usual, but even if you check these,
it would be helpful if you could try building from the tarballs since
some potential packaging errors can only be caught that way.

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