[Rd] R 1.8.0 alpha

Duncan Murdoch dmurdoch at pair.com
Thu Sep 11 10:27:59 MEST 2003

On 10 Sep 2003 18:19:56 +0200, Peter Dalgaard BSA
<p.dalgaard at biostat.ku.dk> wrote :

>The countdown to R version 1.8.0 has begun. As a novelty, we now
>make preliminary source tarballs available somewhat earlier in the
>process. They will be found in
>with names of the form  R-1.8.0alpha_2003-09-10.tar.gz 
>The first one was created a moment ago; subsequent ones will be
>created by a cron job that runs at 05:00 local (Wisconsin) time.

I've put a Windows binary build of this morning's snapshot into the
pipeline.  It will eventually show up (probably tomorrow) on CRAN and
the mirrors in /bin/windows/base/.

I'm planning to upload new snapshots as often as practicable until the
release of 1.8.0, but due to travel constraints, this is not likely to
occur daily.

Duncan Murdoch

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