[Rd] grep in version 1.8 (PR#4231)

Peter Dalgaard BSA p.dalgaard at biostat.ku.dk
Mon Sep 22 11:36:09 MEST 2003

Duncan Murdoch <dmurdoch at pair.com> writes:

> > (and cvs wouldn't 
> >unless you give the -d flag).
> -d means something different, it's about which directory to work in. I
> notice that I've set a default arg of -Pd, but it's not documented in
> my version of cvs as far as I can tell; maybe that's what you're
> thinking of?

In that position (after "up" in "cvs up -Pd") -d means create
any new directories and -P deletes empty ones. (Notice that cvs
options are position dependent, so you may have scanned the wrong part
of the documentation. It is documented in mine.)

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