[Rd] grep in version 1.8 (PR#4231)

Deepayan Sarkar deepayan at stat.wisc.edu
Mon Sep 22 10:28:47 MEST 2003

On Monday 22 September 2003 05:07, you wrote:
> > (and cvs wouldn't
> >unless you give the -d flag).
> -d means something different, it's about which directory to work in. I
> notice that I've set a default arg of -Pd, but it's not documented in
> my version of cvs as far as I can tell; maybe that's what you're
> thinking of?

You're right, I wasn't remembering this correctly. 

Actually there's a -d just after cvs which specifies the CVS root, and another 
option after update, which is documented as:

            Use  the  -d  option to create any directories that exist in
            the repository if they're missing from  the  working  direc-
            tory.   (Normally, update acts only on directories and files
            that were already enrolled in your working directory.)  ...

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