[Rd] Tutorial docs... move from R-help

Paul Gilbert pgilbert at bank-banque-canada.ca
Fri Sep 26 12:32:35 MEST 2003

Martin Maechler wrote:

> If you do that, library(help = <package>)
>will end like
>Devore6> Further information is available in the following vignettes in
This does not seem to work completely correctly (checked only on Linux) 
if there is more than one pdf file in inst/doc. The pdf files all get 
installed in the package doc directory, but library(help = <package>) 
ignores some of them.

In my case, in dse1/doc there are  files  dse-guide.pdf, dse1-guide.pdf, 
and dse1-guide-012.pdf. The last should probably be ignored as it is 
generated by the sweave process and pulled into dse1-guide.pdf.  The 
first is the most important one, but is ignored. It is the guide for the 
whole bundle which I build from vignettes for the packages, so it 
includes the second.

This problem is related to the fact that there is no good place to put 
documentation for a bundle (or other group) of packages.

Paul Gilbert

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