[Rd] /minus or /hyphen in PS output (continued)

M.Kondrin mkondrin at hppi.troitsk.ru
Wed Aug 11 14:44:28 CEST 2004

 >>They used /minus because they wanted minus not hyphen.
 >>R uses Latin1 and not standard encoding, and /minus is in Latin1.

 >>There is perhaps a way around fonts which are missing /minus, but we 
 >>/minus if available.  Perhaps you would like to work on a more careful
 >>analysis and patch?  One that does not break standard usage?

In this case there should not be any problem. If /minus is defined in 
ISOLatin1Encoding then by default /minus will be used. If someone (like 
me) wants to have something else instead of /minus then one have to 
change encoding and install it with ps.options(encoding=...). I just do 
not want to be forced to use /minus then I do not want it.


<       if(c == 45) strcpy(dest, "/minus"); else strcpy(dest, state->p0);
 >       /*      if(c == 45) strcpy(dest, "/minus"); else*/
 >       strcpy(dest, state->p0);

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